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Min historie, den er skrevet på en annen måte enn de andre da men.. So this bitch. She's insecure, hates herself. Never thought she was good enough for anybody. She cuts herself, cries. She's alone all the time. Thinking. She never think of something that's not reminds her of how she's been treated. No one have ever helped her. She tried to figure it out herself. She doesn't have someone to talk to. She has a toy, the knife. Her heart was broken long time ago. She wasn't able to heal it. No one have ever been nice to her. They just talk shit about her, and stock rumors. They break her down. She'll never be able to stand up again.

She walks on the road, alone as usual. It's raining, she cries. No one can see it. She doesn't want to go home. She lies in her bed and looks at the raindrops drips down the window. She thinks of him, how he used her. He said he would look after her, and that he loved her. But it was not like that. She tried to hold the tears back. It wasn't easy, but she did it. She is in a lot of pain, but no one can see that.

She faked a smile and said that everything was fine. That was a BIG lie. They'll never know what she was going through. Days went. The school didn't go well. She tried, but she never got the help she needed. She didn't get good grades, and her father was disappointed.

He doesn't talk much to her. She can't remember last time she heard him say he loved her. When she was little he beat her all the time.

She don't talk much. She's holding EVERYTHING inside. Nothing gets out. People talk behind her back. Only bad stuff. She want to be good enough. She's a whore, a player. No one really knows her. They don't know how she is. What she's goes through. They don't CARE! She's just herself! She don't want to be used anymore. She's not happy at home. She don't want to live there anymore.

She don't know how long she's gonna make it. She's just gets worse. She's fourteen, maybe she's not going to get older? They say she doesn't have a life. She's ugly, fat, stupid... She's not a good person. It's more where it comes from. How can they say that? THEY DON'T KNOW HER! They don't talk to her, just looks at her and says what they have heard. What have she done to them? She hasn't done anything! She's depressed. She have tried to kill herself so many times, but she just can't do it.


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2 kommentarer


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Fin blogg!


04.12.2013 kl.20:40

Flott skrevet, innholdet var litt drastisk, men det er likevel folk som er slik. Noen få (veldig få) grammatiske feil, men for det meste korrekt.

Nicely written, the content was a bit drastic, but still, there are people like that. There were a few, (very few) grammatical mistakes, but mostly correct. Keep up the good writing, might want to try something a bit more optimistic, but that's just a tip.

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Hei. Takk for at du tok turen innom bloggen min. Jeg er en gutt på 17 år fra Bodø som heter Odd-Andre Nilsen. Jeg bor alene, jobber i barnehage og nyter livet!